In a world where we must all do our part to be better towards the environment, we saw a golden opportunity. As you can imagine athletes require quality gear while putting in the hard work leading up to their gold medal performances, day in, day out. Add on changing race kits designs every season, new sponsors and maybe more items in our warehouse then our athletes request, and we are left with a number of incredible, quality goods that are not being used. 

We also have the most incredible fan base that loves nothing more than to proudly wear our team colors alongside the course, inside the stadium, during their own training sessions and races and in their everyday life! That is why we have launched a new range of upcycled Official NN Running Team products and made these available in our online fan shop giving new life and purpose to our unused gear while creating a line of fun and unique items for our fans. All repurposed items are hand made from unused official NN Running Team items.

Every purchase you make helps plant a tree! At NN Running Team, we're committed to sustainability. For each order, we donate a tree to reforestation efforts, the trees are planted by the EK foundation. Join us in making a positive impact on our planet's future. Thank you for your support!